In YGGDRASIL wizards are a base job class reaching up to level fifteen. What sets this class apart from other magic-users is its potential to ignore the 300 spell limit set on players. They do this by filing their spells inside a spellbook called a grimoire. A single grimoire can hold up to 100 spells of any level. Once filled up, a wizard is allowed to begin penning a new grimoire. However, no ordinary tome has the potential to become a grimoire.

Blank grimoires are typically dropped by mid-level bosses most commonly with a few levels in magic-users.

At later levels a high enough Wizard will be able to craft his own grimoires.

In the New World, wizards are the rarest of sights, even as common as magic is in some Nations. Wizards are studious but shrewd magic-users who seek, collect and covet esoteric knowledge.