Ulitharid is one of the high-tier heteromorphic races that players were able to pick in YGGDRASIL. It is the final form of the Brain Eater and Mind Flayer, gifted with not only powerful psychic and telepathic abilities. But in possession of extraordinary levels of strength.

Appearance Edit

Ulitharid possess qualities from both the Brain Eater and Mind Flayer tier. They are both humanoid in shape and in possession of a tentacle octopus-like head. But that is where the similarities begin to waver. The Ulitharid is slender and elegant and not at all like it's pudgy Brain Eater counterpart. In truth it shares more similarities with it's Mind Flayer cousin than anything else. Outsiders could easily mistake an Ulitharid for a Mind Flayer, but small variations emerge if one was to look closely.

Such as unusually long mouth tentacles.

Abilities Edit

Brain Eaters are psychic beings possessing many spell-like abilities. Such as Levitation, Charm Monster and Suggestion. Ulitharid's are much stronger psychics however, possessing additional abilities such as Flight and Telekinesis.

All three tiers of a Brain Eater are able to produce a psychic blast that can render groups of adventurers comatose.

Ulitharid's possess a few psychic abilities known to only them.

  • Slavery Eternal - Can enthrall a victim so completely that upon death the former thrall rises as a zombie under the Ulitharid's control. Control can not be broken, decapitating the zombies is the only way to free them.
  • Bend Room - Equal to Over Rank Magics level spells; as long as a Ulitharid can see an attack coming it has a chance to changing the trajectory of an attack.

Known Ulitharids Edit