This page is here to explain this wiki's rules regarding canon

The Importance of canonEdit

Canon is any facts officially established in a fictional universe and the storyline these facts comprise. Canon is an important binding factor as it holds all the stories together. Contradictions in canon are usually simple oversights on the part of writers; e.g using a character who has died after the time of his death.

Our policy on canonEdit

Any article that contradicts canon will have a "Not Canon Friendly" template added and the authorwill be notified. This has no effect other than warning users that some of the facts in the article need to be checked if they are using the articles to build up an understanding of canon.

Articles using the "What-if" or "Alternate reality" templates are exempt from certain aspects of canon but basic facts of the universe are immutable.

What constitutes canonEdit

Canon is anything established in any of the games or other official sources relating to the subject

Appeal and DisputeEdit

The two methods of removing templates are appeal and dispute

Dispute is denying any grounds for the template by producing evidence which disproves the grounds given for the NCF template. both parties may enter new evidence to prove their side of the argument. a page will be provided for this purpose. if the template has been improperly used it will be removed and the person who placed it will apologise.

An appeal is to accept the template and revise the article to make it canon compatible. after it is edited leave a messaqe with an admin and it will be examined and if canon friendly the template will be removed. the results of the examination will be messaged to the author.

A note on universesEdit

Any page which uses an NCF page as a resource will be tagged as NCF. appeals and disputes on the source will affect these pages

Administrative signaturesEdit

These signatures declare the following admins qualified to resolve disputes under this policy

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