This page details the requirements for administrators on this wiki

Policy rights and duties

Admins have the right to put policies up for review and approval on sufficient grounds. These will be detailed on a referendum page. The referendum lasts no less than 7 days at which point the votes are counted and acted upon. All users are affected by this. Referendums can be commited without editor approval only at the production of evidence that such practice would be detrimental.

Administrators are expected to read the basic policy pages and sign them, as they will be called upon in disputes. This is to prevent Admins being insulted for a lack of knowledge on a subject and prevent wikilawyering.

Any attempt to bypass policy by an Admin will result in consequences.

Deletion regulations

No Admin is exempt from deletion procedure. A page must be allowed the time to prepare a defence and remove the source of the reason for deletion. As well as standard wiki procedure we also require a Notice for deletion template to be displayed for 48 hours prior to deletion, signed by more than one Admin. If the deletion was a request of the creator of the page only one Admin signature will be required as well as the signature of the creator.

Admins may not delete an article with no prior warning or block a deletion request unfairly. Doing so is a breach of policy and will be treated as such.

Dispute Mediation

Admins are expected to keep any arguments or disputes between users from getting out of hand. This is followed through the mediation process and signed off on.

An Admin is not allowed to take a case they are personally involved in. This is to prevent any unfair conduct and maintain an impartial image of the wiki. Admins must follow the mediation process. Dispute mediation groups are formed based on knowledge of relevant regulations and techniques.


Admins must follow usual editing procedure and are not allowed to make any edits that no-one else is allowed to without a good reason being given. Participation in edit wars is grounds for a revoking of Admin rights temporarily with a review within 24 hours.


Admins must sign this section upon reading the policy

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