Minus, The Child of Omnipotence
Personal Information
Japanese Mainasu
Romaji マイナス
  • God of the Spirit Realm
  • God-Human
  • The Omnipotent Child
  • The Strongest Human
  • The Human Child with Limitless Potential "
Age 6
Gender Female
Affiliation Spirit Realm
Family Mother
Occupation Adventurer
  • New World
  • Spirit Realm
Karma Positive 300: Good
Creator None.
Hobby Having fun
Media Information
Minus , also known as The Child of Omnipotence and God of the Spirit Realm and the Creator of the Concept of " Death " , is a child who through her own innocence, created a portal when reading about the New World . She brought along her old friend, and ventured off into the unknown, with a smile.

Appearance Edit

Her appearance , at least, depends on her mood. One attire would consist of a bland white tee shirt , and green pants. Many people confuse her as a boy, because of her looks alone.

Personality Edit

Due to her being a child, she is a carefree person, and does pretty much everything a child does. Well, apart from having limitless Legendary and Divine reality warping possibilities. She is also kind and considerate to most things, and is willing to talk to you if you don't use her. She's not all of that, but she can be more, if you wished.

Background Edit

Minus' background wasn't exactly explained well in the webcomic variation, minus. It is unknown how she got the vast abilities she has now, but she has them. Firstly, she could speak to ghost, then a hundred comics later, she created the concept of a life beyond death, a Spirit World.